“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Training With Skyhook Coaching Services

Let’s start with a straightforward question. Which bike do you plan to ride at your next event?

While spin classes have their place in a general health and fitness program, you wouldn’t expect to ride a spin bike in your next time trial, Gran Fondo or criterium, would you? Similarly, you don’t see many Team GB riders riding a cycle ergometer like the WattBike around the Manchester Velodrome!

That’s because, in the real world we all ride real bikes, and this is where Skyhook Coaching Services will deliver real benefits to real riders… whether you ride a 28lb steel behemoth (chapeau!) or a svelte 15lb carbon monocoque, it is YOUR bike and that is what you will be expected to perform on, so why would you train on anything else? Our indoor training studio is designed to accommodate riders who want to train on his or her own bike.

We also eliminate the elements that make efficient and consistent training so difficult out on the road. Have you ever tried to keep you power (or heart rate) high when you descend a hill? What about when you have to stop for the traffic lights, or cars turn across you? How about keeping your power (or heart rate) in zone 1/2 on your recovery rides, when the gradient rises? How’s that working for you?!

We’ve all been there, and that’s what makes our indoor training rides so beneficial. The software is sophisticated enough and the hardware reliable enough to put you through a solid training ride on a virtual course, without those things that can extend the time we spend training outside, just to make up for the disruptions. And indoors, you can actually ride next to your friends, even though you may get split up on the climbs, or descents. Of course, you can still race each other to the top; you just get to watch it on a screen so you can see who buys the coffees thast day.


Coaching with Skyhook Coaching Services

There are many people who think their level of cycling is not “good enough” to benefit from a coach. So, when do you think you might want coaching? Ironically, the time most of us benefit from mentorship and guidance, is not once we’ve mastered whatever it is we are trying to do, but right at the start, when we are still learning the ropes. We don’t leave our children riding around on stabilisers right up until their first race, so why do we take so long to recognise our own “stabilisers”?

Habits can be hard to break, so developing good habits early on is clearly more beneficial than getting into bad habits, and then working so hard to change them. Worse still, is if we drift into bad habits and don’t even know we have them. That’s where a good coach can help us recognise those areas for development and help to put us back on the right track. So whatever your goal, we’d love to hear from you, and let’s talk about how we think we can help. And if you don’t feel we have what you need, we can almost certainly point you in the direction of someone who does have what you are looking for.