One of the most popular elements from our services is our indoor training studio where we provide computer-controlled, load-generating trainers, which means that you can train using power, without needing to fit a power meter to your bike.

And of course, the indoor studio makes training possible year-round, whatever the weather outside. No need to worry about pot holes, drivers, suicidal wildlife, wind, rain, ice or salt taking their toll on you and your bike. And with specific training objectives for each work out, your time spent in the saddle make this the efficient choice for everyone trying to fit training into a hectic work-life balance. There is no coasting on these work outs!

I don’t have a bike. Can I hire one from you?

Yes you can, although much of the training benefit will come from consistently training on your own, properly fitted bike in order to replicate the real world experience. We have a limited number of hire bikes available for indoor training use only, so please contact us directly to confirm availability for the training session you want to attend.

Can I ride to the indoor training session?

We would advise against riding to and from the training sessions as you should gain all the workout stress you want during the workout itself. While we don’t want to see riders crawling out the door on all fours, afterwards, we would respectfully suggest you may not gain further benefit from a ride home. Go with us on this one! There is some limited storage space to leave bikes on site, however these should be locked and are left in the designated space at your own risk.

What bike should I use for the indoor training rides?

Any road-worthy bike that you would ride outside. The drive train (chain, chain rings and gears) should be clean and in good repair. The rear wheel should be fitted with a training skewer (if you don’t have one, these can be purchased from Skyhook Coaching), and a smooth, or better still, an indoor training tyre. While we can accommodate most bikes, it is best to use a bike that has been fitted to you, and that you will ride as you pursue your cycling goal.

How fit do I need to be before I can start coming to the indoor training?

Unlike riding outside on the road, no one gets dropped and everyone puts in a similar level of effort, relative to where they start, so your basic fitness will not hold you back or limit the benefit you experience.