So you may already ride several hours each week, but what is the output you gain from that time spent in the saddle? How do you know? What do you measure to show that? Could you achieve the same output with less input? In other words, could you be more efficient or focused in your training?

It seems we are all trying to improve our efficiency in many areas of our lives, whether it’s improved fuel efficiency to save energy at home, or improved time efficiency so we can get more out of our busy lives. In general, efficiency is a measurable concept, determined by the ratio of “output” to “input”.


If you want to train smarter you need SMART goals, so let’s ask some more questions:

“Do you head out for a training ride with a clear goal of specifically what you want to achieve in that training?”

“Do you measure your progress against that objective?”

“Do you know that your goal will be achievable? And just as importantly, is it realistic to expect to achieve it on this ride?”

“Do you make sure that your training builds to achieving your ultimate goal in time for the event itself?”

If you answered “Yes” to all of the above questions, then congratulations, you are already training SMART. But if like most riders, you answered “No” then Skyhook Coaching Services can help you. In fact, even if you did answer “Yes” to all of the questions, there’s a fair chance we could still help you train more efficiency. Contact us for more details of how we can help you.


Aside from direct one-to-one coaching, use of Skyhook Coaching’s state-of-the-art indoor training equipment allows time-crunched riders to make the most of the limited time they have to pursue gains in power and endurance, by carefully dosing the workouts to each riders individual Functional Threshold Power or FTP. By measuring this and training to it, over the course of 8-weeks, most riders can expect to see an increase in their FTP. Higher FTP translates into more power, and that in turn means faster speeds, quicker times or greater distances covered, which in the end is what we are all trying to achieve through our training.