Lactate Threshold Test
Allow 90-mins
Interval blood sampling to identify OBLA
Ramp test protocol
Identify FTP and FTHR
Power and Heart Rate training zones provided
Ideal test for training with power
Goal Setting or Review
Allow 45 to 60-mins
Biographic data capture
Athletic history, strength and weakness
Goal I/D
Planned approach to goal attainment
Biometric Analysis
Allow 30-mins
Resting heart rate and recovery rate
Blood pressure check
Height, weight, BMI
Lean vs total muscle mass
Resting Metabolic Rate
Dynamic Bike Fit
Allow 45 to 60-mins
Shoe and cleat alignment check
Bike sizing and fit
Active bike fit on trainer
Pedal Stroke Analysis
Allow 30 to 40-mins
Improve pedalling efficiency
Balance of power between left and right legs
Identify dead spots in pedal stroke
Sweat Test
Allow 30-mins
Analysis of sodium lost through sweat
Personal hydration strategy for endurance athletes
Note: Currently unavailable